Want to set bedtime notification without alarm

From l on 2015/03/21 13:48:03 +0000

I want to see bedtime notification without alarm. I don’t use an alarm on many days

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From carrie on 2015/05/22 17:35:42 +0000

Would like to be able to set a regular bedtime that incorporates the bedtime notification. Most days I don't use an alarm but I would like to have a regular bedtime.
Ex. I could set a bedtime for 10pm and the bedtime notification would go off at (set time).
Perhaps incorporating the captcha function to force the user to get off the couch/computer.
Also to force the bedtime notification to play in silent mode as I rarely have my phone turned up.
Thanks for the great app.

From l on 2015/04/16 11:31:57 +0000

I still would rather have a notification than an alarm

The image in the bottom left that appears, when you set an alarm, will tell you to go to bed at 2 pm if you set an alarm for 10. You only see it for a second but jus annoying

From l on 2015/04/07 11:20:14 +0000

In the bottom left

From l on 2015/04/07 11:19:57 +0000

Yeah but then little things like it says it's almost your before at odd hours