Wake with vibration


I use Sleep with Galaxy Watch 4.

Is there a way to set Sleep to wake me with vibration on watch for 1 minute and then use sound?

I have enabled vibration in Sleep settings/Smartwatch, but I get only one single quick vibration when sound alarm starts.

Hi Emil, the gentle vibrations start with a single vibe, and after 30 seconds, 20 seconds, etc., other vibes follow. After a while, the vibrations become continual. If you wish to have some buffer time to wake up only with the vibrations, maybe choose longer period for Wear OS (and Watch One) platform, so the vibrations have enough time to enfold.
If you only have one vibe, and nothing follows even after some time, please check if you have “allow background activity” enabled for Sleep app - Galaxy Wear > Watch settings > Apps > Sleep tracking > Allow background activity .

@emil86 just to add to what @lenka-urbandroid responded, you may also set “Delayed sound start” in alarm settings… this will vibe as long as you which before alarm sound starts…