Wake up time based on ETA to workplace from Google Now data

From Fabrizio on 2015/12/15 00:23:10 +0000

Many people have to reach their workplace in a specific time every morning.

The idea is to have a “workdays” alarm kind that can determine dynamically the wake up time based on three parameters:

  • “TT”: the target time to be @ the office (alarm-specific)
  • “PT”: the typical time elapsing from wake-up to departure from home (global setting)
  • “ETS”: the estimated time to reach the workplace (from Google Now data)

, where the wake up time “WT” could then be calculated with the following formula: WT = TT - ETS - PT

The concept could be generalised and adapted to an “appointment-based alarm”.

Copied from original feature request: http://urbandroid.uservoice.com/forums/264867-sleep-as-android/suggestions/11090076-wake-up-time-based-on-eta-to-workplace-from-google

From ivan palacios on 2017/01/25 08:06:33 +0000

Great idea, need it!!! Have you tried to get out ETA to work from other apps like Waze?

From Константин Мазеин on 2016/06/04 10:01:52 +0000

SaA is already know your current position by GPS, when you run sleep tracking. So it could get the destination place from Google Calendar, then create a route between this points via Google Maps API to calculate ETS.

I wounder about this feature very often and it's will be great if you made this.

From 123 321 on 2016/04/17 13:52:35 +0000

It is possible and actually very, very easy to implement, you just need the Google distance Matrix API. Send me a mail if you want help

From Petr Nálevka on 2016/04/17 10:46:29 +0000

+Guy we already have Calendar integration, please check here:

Unfortunately I don't think we can get ETA to work from Google Now…

From Guy Togbenou on 2016/04/16 00:00:20 +0000

Would be great to have a calendar integration, so that sleep as Android can understand when you have appointments, in a manner that is generally more independent of Google

From Robin Markowitz on 2016/01/18 02:23:27 +0000

That sounds very cool. Google Now already tells you when to leave the house for appointments (which can be a recurring work time), but it assumes you are dressed and ready to go.

I like your idea of estimating your time to get ready for work, including dressing, washing up, abs eating breakfast. (Google could suggest breakfast restaurants you particularly favor that are on your route to work.

I think it's a great idea, and I would use SAA instead of Gentle Alarm as my "Regular" alarm if it tied in with Google now this way.

That said, I think you need to talk to Google. They could make it work with either app: like many folks, I use both. (And alsoSleep Now! for my real hand-picked personal lullabies. And then it turns off and SAA gets launched.)

Keep the idea up on the new platform

Yep sure, sorry, it took a while until I found a way to migrate the votes from Uservoice to Discourse as well as ideas…