Wake up check (notification)

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I like this feature of another alarm app where it sends a wake up check notification after a preset time once the alarm has been dismissed. It requires me to tap the notification and confirm I am awake, else it will make the alarm ring again and then do a wakeup check notification again.

This is great because unfortunately I have gotten so good at the captcha, I just do it to dismiss the alarm and fall back asleep. I could choose a new harder captcha, but at the same time the wakeup check is a nice feature for peace of mind. Also prevents for example unintended falling back asleep even if somebody woke up for at least a few minutes but was very tired.

Hello, we have a CAPTCHA task to prove you are woken up by the alarm. If you happen to dismiss the alarm, solve the CAPTCHA task, and then fall back to sleep, the CAPTCHA is not effective enough for you. You can combine more tasks with Random and Multi CAPTCHA (from the free extension pack).
The ultimate CAPTCHA is QR or NFC CAPTCHA. You can put the barcode in a different room - so you are forced to get up in order to dismiss the alarm. You can even use more codes and have them all scanned to dismiss the alarm.