Wake up after alarm has been turned off if person's still sleeping

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It would be great if there was a feature that if the app recognizes the person sleeping even after the alarm has turned off (the dangerous game where you “rest your eyes” after waking up), the alarm would go off again in time periods (like 5mins after or 10).

Many thanks, we will consider it, although our approach is you select a difficult enough CAPTCHA to complete to stiop the alarm so that after that you are sufficiently woken up so that you do not rest your eyes anymore…


That’s pretty much what Snooze is for; if you seem to function well enough while living dangerously, try to get into a habit of using Snooze instead of Dismiss, even when you’re sure you’re getting up. Then only turn off the alarm when you’re up and walking. That way if you do that accidental snoozing, the right button had been pressed that will wake you up in 5 minutes, or whatever interval you set for Snooze.

Maybe if we could have a setting where we ONLY get a Snooze button, so we’re doomed to keep hearing the alarm until we commit to getting up…

But, the Captcha function once again offers a more compact & time-saving method if you get in the habit of using that instead, with the variant that gets you way out of bed.