Volume goes down when tracking - Sleep as Android

If your volume gradually lowers after a while, when the tracking is running, the option Turn off when sleeping is enabled. This feature lowers the system-wide volume, so it affects even music played outside Sleep.

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I tried all steps listed above this but Andriod Sleep continues to tuen down the volume. I don’t like fighting with this App. Only option that works is to not use the Andriod Sleep app.

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@BigRunner this is 99% cased by Settings > Lullaby > Turn off after fall asleep is set to something else than disabled…

Please use menu - report a bug and I tell you what exactly is happening…

The 1% chance goes to a improbable case that you would have configured Sonar with s very low signal strength and so that during sleep tracking the app will keep reestablishing the volume you have set is best for your sonar signal… but of course I need to see the log to see what is happening…

Also please note that if you disable the option “Turn off when falling asleep”… and a sleep tracking is already running, this option takes effect at the next start of a sleep tracking… maybe this could be the issue?

This exact same problem is happening to me too. I have Turn Off After Fall Asleep disabled. I’m using a wearable as my sensor, not sonar. What else can I try?
I’m trying to listen to a podcast in another app and Sleep as Android is controlling the system volume. I am not using lullabies at all. It turns the volume off quickly, maybe within 5 mins, but not immediately.

Hello, if the option Turn off when sleeping is disabled, the app should not alter the volume at all.
Could you please make sure, that the player app does not have any timer active?
Could you please use the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug, ideally right after this happens?

This issue still persists. I use a timer in my audible app and the volume turns itself down even when I use headphones. This is very frustrating and is negatively affecting my sleep. I didn’t use to have this problem, I don’t understand why you made your app worse…