Vibration problems on Xiaomi Band 7

Hey guys, all right out there? So I’m having trouble getting my Xiaomi Band 7 to vibrate, it doesn’t vibrate at all or notification, nothing. I already filled everything and configured and reconfigured and it doesn’t vibrate. Can anyone help me on this one?

Hi, there are some limitations for vibrations on MB7 - which companion app do you use? Is there any guide in this companion app?

I use what’s on Sleep as Android, one that calls “mi notify” and I don’t remember if there was any direct instruction, I tried looking in the app about vibration but nothing worked.

Hello @Rhyan_Costa_Mulia … Mi Band 7 introduced some of the BT functions are necrypted, and vibration is one of them… so you may need to follow the guide in Tools & Mi Band to share your certificate to allow the app access the vibration function…