Using multiple sensor devices at once? (Polar H10 & Samsung Watch 3)


I wonder if perhaps it would be possible to introduce the possibility to use SleepAsAndroid with both Polar H10 -and- the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3? It would be good to see if I get different outcomes on the SleepCloud (where I mostly look, not so much in the app) with the different devices.

There could be optional overlays on Sleepcloud, or side-by-side comparisons, and different rows for, for example, sleep phases. That could possibly also help with optimizing the algorithms. I think my sleep phases looks a bit odd, but it’s difficult to compare one night with one device with another night with another device, to see if there is a difference. And I don’t have a spare phone that I could use to do separate recordings with separate sensor devices to then compare manually.

Hope my request makes sense!

Thank you!

Two screenshots of nights linked below, with the Polar H10.

You can do it by selecting AUTOMATIC in Settings → Add-ons → Use wearables
It will aggregate data from multiple devices

If I set the watch as a wearable, I get only the watch. If I set the Polar H10, I get only the Polar H10. How would I set both?

Oh, never mind - I found the Automatic option now, at the bottom of the list… because ‘A’ is not at the top of the alphabet ^^

And nope - using “Automatic” it will not get anything but accelerometer data from the Watch, and no HR from any of the two devices.

Hi, has there been any update on this? I’d like to use my Wear OS watch (which supports HR and SPO2 measurements) together with a Polar H10 (which supports HR, HRV and breathing info) for the full set of measurements: HR, HRV, SPO2, movement and breathing

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Ditto, Update Please