Use Sonar & Sleep Phaser at same time?

I just received my Sleep Phaser which I ordered so I could track without a wearable. Now that sonar is available the Phaser seems moot. However, I guess the wake-up light might be useful.
Can I/should I use both the Sleep Phaser AND Sonar to track sleep, or should I only have one at a time turned on and turn off the other one?

Also, I sometimes use a fan pointed at the bed when it is warm, will that mess up the Sleep Phaser tracking?

Thank you.

Hi, thanks for backing the campaign! Actually we have introduced the sonar quite a long time before the Phaser. Phaser also definitely has much better breathing detection.

It is not possible to actually gather data using sonar and Phaser at the same time. Sleep will automatically turn off sonar if you have Phaser connected. You can however track using sonar, and use the Phaser as a smartlight.

The fan would probably mix up the Phaser data, yes, as the air movement it will cover up the heat differences generated by your body.

Hi, Thanks for your quick response! Maybe I didn’t notice the sonar in the updates or maybe my old phone didn’t support it. I didn’t notice it until recently.

I did try using the sonar for sleep data last night & only activated the smart light on the Phaser and that seemed to work fine. I will try the Phaser for both tracking and smart light on nights I won’t be using a fan due to cooler weather.

Also, no matter how I track, my charts show very little REM sleep and on most nights no REM at all. Is there any way to improve REM detection?

Thank you.