Use Smart Wake Up to Snooze 1 Sleep Cycle

From Corey Ling on 2016/08/24 12:10:53 +0000

Essentially I am asking for a “1 more cycle” snooze rather than a time based snooze.

I use smart wake up to determine when it’s best for me to wake up. Which works really well. However, sometimes I’m just a little too tired and want to snooze. When I set a time based snooze I end up falling back to sleep and the alarm goes off when I’m deeply asleep and I wake up extremely tired leading to a never ending cycle of snoozes that aren’t beneficial.

I would love it if there was an option that instead of a time based snooze I could use the smart wake up again (with a short paused period while I fall back asleep) to determine the next time the alarm should go off.

I understand that that could allow me to sleep for a very long time so a maximum snooze time would be nice too.

Thanks for the awesome app!

Copied from original feature request: