Unstoppable alarm


I’m currently using your app as my morning alarm. In fact, it’s been a long time since I started using it. At first, it always waked me up. But my brain started to adapt. Now, i am able to automatically turn off the alarm, and almost without opening an eye. The thing happens that way:

The alarm rings. I can’t escape the app and if i go back to my phone menu (middle button in the lower part of my phone) and unlock it again, it goes back straight to the alarm app. I can’t turn off my phone IF i’m on the app.

The if is in capital letters for a reason. If i go back to the home screen (the one you get once you’ve entered the PIN code and before entering your password to unlock your phone - let’s call it the “first menu”) and try to turn off my phone, i can.

So my question is:

Is it possible, once the alarm started to ring, to even prevent the phone to be turned off, and even if we go back to the first menu?

Your app is great and i only need this to make it perfect for me.

Thanks in advance.



Unless you terminate tracking, it keeps tracking. You can get back to the tracking screen by pressing the main sleep button.

Use the CAPTCHA pack to force you to get out of bed. And don’t turn off your phone if possible. Another option is to use different alarm sounds every day.

It’s interesting that you turn off your phone to just dismiss the alarm. I don’t really understand that. But there may be apps that don’t allow you to do that. Perhaps. Oh, you could use Tasker, I guess.

Perhaps explain your goal a little more.

Good luck.

“It’s interesting that you turn off your phone to just dismiss the alarm. I don’t really understand that. But there may be apps that don’t allow you to do that. Perhaps. Oh, you could use Tasker, I guess.”

That’s my goal ^^! When I wake up, all the motivation to wake up early that I had when I went to bed vanishes. It feels to good when I’m sleeping, you know? So, i need a way either that prevent me from turning off my phone, or that prevent me to go back to the “first menu”. Because my brain won’t prevent me from it and my will/motivation is sleeping.

If you have a solution, I’m really interested. I will look into that Tasker you’re talking about.



Okay, took me some time to think on this. You are almost instinctively doing anything you can to make the app cease attempts to wake you up, right? Even to the point of turning the whole phone off altogether? Hmm. That’s different but not impossible to solve. You have several solutions.

If Captcha isn’t doing this for you because you just turn off the phone, then put the phone AWAY FROM YOU, but still in Bluetooth range of your band, watch or whatever device you use to track.

If you use Sonar, I would suggest you don’t use Sonar. Get the most affordable good watch or band you can find. And then you can put your phone just enough in Bluetooth range so that YOU WILL HAVE TO GET UP to even turn the phone one off. I am betting that once you get to the phone, you will be ready to get up.

Also, get a simple app called “Talk Me Calendar.” It will tell you to get up or stay up. Yes, you can shake the phone to make it shut up, but by that time, you’re up. Set it to the time when you usually are about to turn off your phone. The talking will also come about the time you have gotten out of bed to deal with the phone.

Also, you need to probably use Smart Alarm so you’re not in deep sleep, and/or download some Alpha Wave piano type music to gently but fully awaken you. I have used such a music track for almost 6 years and it doesn’t fail. (As far as I recall, it has monophonic isochronic tones --the Alpha waves underneath the music. If you need binaural beats to use Alpha wave brain entrainment, get a Bluetooth sleep earphone band. They have plenty of them on Amazon and elsewhere.)

The only odd thing I do is to use a secondary alarm app that fires at exactly the same time and plays exactly the same music. This might not help you, but I have to silence two alarms! And my watch vibrates on its own after Sleep As Android makes my watch vibrate. It’s kind of a System Fault Tolerance thing.

Beyond that, go to sleep early. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s worth a try.

I hope this helps!