Unreliable Smart Wake Up?

Hello there.

I am using sleep tracking with sonar.
Sensitivity settings for smart wake up are medium/medium.
Wake up detection is disabled.

SAA seems to often wake me up at weird times when I am still in deep sleep. I then also feel quite tired and confused like waking up from deep sleep.
Look at the following sleep graph of tonight. The alarm is set for 9 AM with smart wake up setting “Nap”.


Zoomed in (wake up time):

Even though I seemed to be in deep sleep and didn’t move at all (the movement curve even decreased) SAA woke me up early instead of waiting for me to reach a lighter sleep phase. It still had over 50 minutes to wait for a better wake up time.

Is this intended or can it be optimzed? (Hence I’m not really sure in which category this topic fits.)
Greetings from Germany.
Thanks for the great support of the app.

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I’m having a similar problem… hope you get a response or answer on this. I’m editing the sensitivity setting to “low” to see if it helps.

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Hi guys. The app can also wake you up at the very beginning of a light sleep phase as soon as it senses significant movement, this is not yet really a phase and thus does not yet get depicted in the graph. We don’t wait until e.g. half the light sleep phase.

So the general advice would be, as you have already figured out:
If smart wake up is not working as you would expect, i.e. the alarm rings at the start of the smart period or exactly at the set alarm time, please go to Settings > Sleep tracking > Smart wake up > Movement intensity / Movement sensitivity.

If the alarm rings too soon, please set these to lower sensitivity.
If the alarm rings too late, please set these to higher sensitivity.

Thank you for answering:)