Unlocking Full Version

Hi everyone! I’m a new user to the forum here. I downloaded Sleep app yesterday and used it for the first time last night. When I got up this morning I was browsing through the app features and came across the section to unlock full version. There are 2 button options, “In-app” and “Unlock”. If I tap “In-app” it says the price is $2.99. However, if I tap the “Unlock” button, it quotes the price as $5.49. My question is: is there a difference in these 2? Is the “Unlock” version a totally separate app download? Not sure why there’s a $2.50 difference between these 2 purchases. If they essentially do the same thing, wouldn’t the logical thing to do be to make the prices the same? Thanks in advance for your reply! Have a great day.

Hi and welcome!

There is a difference, and we maintain those two mainly because there’s no clear cut winner…each way of unlocking has its pros and cons.
However - functionally - both ways do the same thing. They unlock the full version of the app you have already installed.

a) In-app purchase


  • You don’t download a separate app
  • We can easily do sales or otherwise change the price programmatically


  • You need internet connection to verify your purchase (but this doesn’t happen too often and there’s a lot of caching involved)
  • In-app purchases on Google Play Store are notoriously buggy (or badly designed) and sometimes you’re unable to get your purchase recognized - mainly when you use more than one account on your phone

b) standalone Unlock


  • Never fails. You download the app and it will always provide you with the unlocked version. Easy to confirm whether you have the unlock or not.


  • Sales could be only global, meaning that we rarely do them on the standalone unlock
  • You need to install an additional app