Unidentified Icons in noise graph


I’m new to the SaA App and am currently trying out if the App works for me or not.

This morning I discovered two symbols on my noise graph that aren’t discribed under “Legend” or anywhere else I searched so far.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot of my sleep graph.
The symbols I mean are the medicine bag (?) and the baby (?) at the left and right side of the noise graph.

Can someone tell me what those mean?
Note: I don’t have any children.

Best Regards

Hello Evox, big thanks for sharing this… In the latest version of the app we have deployed 3rd generation sound recognition neural network.

Please read on this here:

The new symbols are also explained in menu - Legend in the graph detail screen and if there should be some false positives you can fine tune sensitivity for each sound class in settings > Noise recording > Sound recognition…

In this case the baby cry was probably a false positive. Can you check the recordings please?

Many thanks…Petr