'Undismissable' Mi Band alarm?

Hi everyone. I did a couple of searches and did not find this exact request.

I’ve been using sleep as Android for still me years now, along with Mi band tools to help on tracking my sleep with me Mi band 2. But never really tried out all options and combinations both apps have to offer. And maybe it’s just me, but I can’t seem to find and option for this.

I must wake early and don’t want my wife and kid to wake up with my alarm. In fact, that’s what got me to purshase a tracking band to could wake me up on vibration. That worked great, for a while, until the day came that vibration alone is no longer enough to wake me up. Mi Band 2 specificaly has a capacitive button that will simply dismiss the alarm. Next thing I knew, my wife was waking me up. I was anyway late for work.

Nowadays, i still track my sleep but schedule a loud alarm on sleep as Android to make sure I wake up. Problem is, my wife does too. And that’s not my idea when I bought this tracking band. I tried to print and teach an NFC captcha to SaA, but I can still dismiss the alarm using the mi band button, so that won’t work to make sure I get out of bed. The thing is, I could SWEAR I once configured this in such way that my mi band button did dismiss the vibration alarm but it would start vibrating again a couple of seconds ago, making sure I really had to dismiss the alarm via the app. But I’m having some trouble to get that feature working at the moment. And I really could use that now. Ideally, making sure the band keeps vibrating until I solve a captcha using sleep as android app. Is anyone aware of how exactly this can be achieved? Maybe someone with a mi band and having this kind of configuration working?

TL;DR: How can I make sure my tracking band ‘dismiss’ button does not actually dismiss an alarm, forcing me to use SaA app?

Many thanks in advance.

which app are you using on your Mi Band? I have tried (Mi Band 2 with Notify&Fitness), and was not able to dismiss the alarm from the band, it only turns off the vibrations.
There is an option to set a snooze for the button in the N&F app, but not dismiss??
Could you please describe the steps to set a dismiss from the button?

I’m using Mi Band Tools, to take advantage of the integration within SaA. Yes, it doesn’t dismiss the alarm on SaA, but my goal was to make sure the band wouldn’t stop vibrating until I dismissed it on the app (in this case, until I solved the captcha).

I solved this problem on Mi Band Tools app instead, by changing the Power Nap general settings (I know, but it worked for me somehow), but after updating to Mi Band 4 the button doesn’t even stop vibrating, which is great in my case. Go figure…

Sorry for taking so long to reply.