Unable to remove #home autotag

I had a nap at work today and it auto tagged it as #home, even though I wasn’t there. And when I edit the tags to remove it, it adds it right back.

How can I fix this?

Hi, how far from the home location were you napping? Is the app having troubles recognizing location?
This tag is automatically added from the location stamp, so even if you remove it, the app will add it when the graph is rendered the next time.

My work is 4km from my home.

You asked, but how would I know if the app is having trouble recognizing locations? I mean it seems it is, since it thinks I’m home when I’m at work.

How would I test location? I gave the app all the permissions, including precise location.

Fine location permission is only used for BT scanning (this is because Android requires this permission).
Geotagging only uses coarse locations (± 5 km), for privacy reasons - we have to follow really strict rules for accessing personal info here in the EU.

You can check, which location is saved for each graph - by long-pressing the graph in the list of graphs, and choosing “Show on map” - the system will offer you to open the location in a map application.

Yeah the locations are way off, like 2-3 kms away. Oh well. 🤷🏻 guess I’ll delete the locations then.