Un-Done option after hitting Done

Sometimes, especially when using one-off alarms to wake up at an unusual time (so I forget to set a Captcha), or if I’m already awake when the alarm goes off but I’m not ready to actually get up yet, I somehow manage to hit Done while picking up the phone (or when it pops up over what I’m already doing), when I was intending to hit Snooze.

Would it be possible to have a notification persist for about a minute or two that I could hit to convert it to a Snooze instead of a Done?

Changing the Snooze time would also be nice occasionally, in case my butterfingers managed to set the Snooze to a wildly inappropriate amount of time.

Hello @William_Lewis what about enabling the long press to dismiss option in Settings > Alarm > Control

or you can use a very simple difficulty 1 CAPCTHA as the default for all new alarms