Twilight feature: Autopause in bright environments?

Hi all,

I have a feature suggestion for the Twilight app: Would it be possible to add an option to ‘automatically pause the filter in bright environments’?

Currently, to activate the filter the user selects: “Always on” or “Automatic (Sun / Alarm / Custom)”.
However, the filter is not automatically paused in bright environments. Thus, e.g. when using the “Automatic - Alarm”-setting and I have to get up and go outside before my alarm rings, then I often can’t see anything ony my screen anymore.
(So far it is just a little annoying, because I think to myself “Damn I forgot again”. But if the problem affects others too and there would be an emergency siutation, people should always be able to see what is on their screens.)

This feature seems quite obvious (the app Darker has it as well) and I hope I didnt miss that this option already exisits.


I noticed that there is no feature request category for Twilight (all the feature requests seem to be exclusively for Sleep as Android) but didnt dare to create a new category as my first post to this forum.

Well, I will just use android’s native night light feature from now on.

But for users who continue to use the twilight app:
It definitely should be made sure that the filter is paused in bright environments, to prevent that users cannot see anything on their screen in emergency situations…
… and have to disable twilight on a screen that looks ‘black’ in the bright environment, before they can place an emergency call.