Tweak Phone Usage Awake Detection

This is a request to slightly change how your awake detection - phone usage works. Currently I believe medium looks for screen on and ‘unusual’ phone orientation (anything not flat and face up I think?)

If the Phone Movement detection compared the ‘normal’ orientation (in my case on its side) to whatever it finds itself in then I think it would detect awakes better.

To give you an example: I have my phone in a dock where it sits upright but on its side. I also use screen saver / daydream, which keeps the screen on.

When I get up in the night it is usually to see my daughter, where I sit still with her while she goes back to sleep, although I don’t always use my phone. This means as the screen is off, my phone is flat (sitting in my hand) and I’m not moving about then SaA doesn’t always record this as awake (my heartrate and watch movement is often low too).

If the awake detection could tell the ‘normal’ position was the phone on its side, therefore it being flat meant I was awake, that would work better (for me).