Turn on or off sleep tracking for certain alarms

I create alarms for many purpose, can I turn off sleep tracking for some alarms? Or if there’s an option to turn on or off sleep tracking while creating the alarms

Hello, the manual tracking will only start tracking when you tell the app to start (the Start tracking button, or the widget).
Does it mean that some of your alarms are naps? The nap periods still provide the stats an important information about your additional sleep periods.

Sorry I asked through email too and got the answer. I use automatic tracking and also want to use the alarm as reminders but currently not supported.

Sleep app is currently expecting the alarms to be alarms, and not reminders, so the automatic tracking will behave accordingly.
The main focus of the app is sleep and smart alarms, so there is no option for reminders right now.

Hello @Thong_Nguy_n … I use the alarms as reminders without issues. Just now I have 6 alarms to remind me of antibiotics use for my kids. It depends on what automatic sleep tracking are you using? If you use Automatic tracking: Bedtime then you can turn off bedtime notification for the reminder alarms… if you use After fall asleep this should not interfere with reminder alarms at all as the times are based on your activity and typical tracking times… did that help?