Tunable delay for smart wake-up

From Sal Wolffs on 2014/12/28 20:49:39 +0000

Sometimes, the alarm seems to wake me during deep sleep, judging by both the record and resulting grogginess(no, the alarm time had not been reached, and often I was using the power nap feature). To avoid such false positives, I’d like to be able to set how long I must have been in light sleep before the smart alarm should trigger.

Ps. I suspect it’s also just nicer to be woken in the middle of light sleep, rather than right at the beginning.

Copied from original feature request: http://urbandroid.uservoice.com/forums/264867-sleep-as-android/suggestions/6895084-tunable-delay-for-smart-wake-up

From Sal Wolffs on 2014/12/30 21:47:33 +0000

Will be trying that now, I suspect the frequency setting will have a similar effect (seem to have overlooked it in my initial search), and I've now tuned both sensitivities down a notch.

Thanks for the tip. If it works, I think that closes the immediate issue for me. It still might be a nice customization option (for the reason stated in the Ps. on the original post), but probably only worth it if it's a relatively small patch. It'd effectively add another sensitivity, so the list would become "intensity, frequency, duration", but one that could be tuned in numbers, rather than on a high/mid/low scale. Nice, but possibly superfluous.

Thanks again, and good luck with your further development efforts.