Trouble connecting Galaxy Watch with Note 10

I just got a Galaxy Watch 46mm today, I have been trying to set it up, and I have Samsung health selected in my Sleep app and tried Galaxy Watch and Automatic for wearables, but when I try to test, it doesn’t connect and just goes off my phone.
Same with alarm, it is not popping up on my watch.
I’ve looked all over the internet and tried multiple things, restarting both devices, uninstalling and reinstalling, tried manually opening on watch etc and no luck.

I have noticed when I try to test sensor, I get an icon on my bar for Sleep as Android Gear Companion and it says Stopping Service.

Was there a new software update or app update that is preventing them from connecting?

Im also having the same issue, (I have a Samsung Gear Sport watch) but I believe this is because you need to download the Native Companion App for the watch itself from the Galaxy store, the only issue being that it appears to be no longer avilable for download.

so without that i dont think its going to work.

Hello, the watch app has been removed from the Galaxy store a few days ago by Samsung because of reported high battery drain.
We are currently doing two things to reinstate the app -

  1. Negotiating with Samsung regarding the suspension itself and their reasoning
  2. Working on an update with possibly reduced battery drain using previously untested ways of getting sensor data
    Keep fingers crossed for us…
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Thank you for the response. Good to know its a known issue and its being worked on. Ill keep my eyes open for it.

Thanks for the official response. I worried that it wont be worked on.
Thank you so much!

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Hi everybody, we’ve finished the rewrite and tomorrow we’re posting the updated watch app for a review by Samsung. From experience the review process can take anything between three days and three weeks, so stay sharp.

The update is concerned primarily with battery drain - if you have a watch that supports sensor batching, you’ll benefit from a seriously improved battery usage.
We know only that Gear S2 does not support sensor batching and that Watch Active does support it. We’ll be gathering information on which watch supports it and which not, and how well.
We assume that most of the Samsung watches do have sensor batching support.
If your watch does not support it, sleep tracking will work the same way as before, so hopefully Samsung will let us go through on the review.

I had the app previously and was able to restore it by going to the Galaxy Store app, click on the menu bar, select My Apps, click the Watch tab and the native client is in the list for me and can be downloaded.