Trends > Graph: Sleep Period Should Stay on Graph

Love this app, but I have one primary issue…
The Trends > Graph is hard to read because the sleep period stays in one solid bar and goes beyond the graphing area. Is this something that might be improved in future?

Current Example:

Example of Readable Graph:
Sleep chart

Thank you! Your app makes my life so much easier.

I apologize if this topic already exists; I searched but didn’t find this request.

Many thanks, I’m putting this to our TODO list…


Thank you so much! I look forward to the update. This application truly makes my life so much better. Everything you all do means a lot to me! Cheers

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@LibertyNon24 very much appeacited! Many thanks


Made an account for this!
As an irregular sleeper (delayed sleep phase), it’s an important part of the tracking.
Just “simply” adjusting the graph area to be the earliest sleep and latest wake time of the chosen period would be amazing :slight_smile:


2.5 year later, would still really love this feature/fix! Thank you so much.