Translation of the app

The app when your phone language is spanish is very difficult to use, because

1- the app is only partially translated, that makes it SO confusing…
2- the faq and documentation are in english
3- the explanations and how-tos refer to the english settings
4- the option to turn the app to english is difficult to find
5- when you select “force english” (btw, why not call it just “english”?) the app remains in spanish until you close and reopen it, and there is no indication of that requirement
6- the “force english” option is located very near to the “text to speech” option. That, combined with the previous problem, makes the meaning of the option confusing, it seems to “force english” to the text-to-speech only

“Force english”, if I am not mistaken forces english everywhere, including text-to-speech, I want the app in english (so everything is in one language and also you can more easily follow the FAQs and instructions that are in english and refer to the english settings). But I need the TTS to remain in spanish because, like most people, I find much more difficult to understand a foreign language spoken than the same language written

Right now, I must check the “force english” option whenever I need to configure anything and uncheck it when finished configuring, so the text-to-speech is in spanish