"Tracking " remains on watch display

Detailed description of the problem:
When I activate Sleep from my Garmin (Venu) watch, before my normal sleep time, the display
remains ON, with the current time and the “Tracking” message constantly displayed, producing light, messing with the goal to sleep, but this may also cause burn-in of the device screen.
Once my programmed sleep time in the watch starts, the display turns off.

Could you please make the Tracking message time out to a black/off screen?

I am now using the rewritten Garmin Sleep app, and on a new Venu (because of significant burn-in and graciously replaced by Garmin under warranty!). Although the app now appears to hardly use any battery during sleep (kudos!), it still brightly displays that it is tracking and continuously until my programmed sleep time starts.

Why on earth would you design a sleep app that keeps the light on?
Should be so obvious to revert to a simple, very or completely dark display when the Sleep command is given by the wearer.
There are more watches now that have an Always On feature and especially the OLED versions may develop burn-in. Mine did.

I am not even asking for user customisable Always On behaviour, please just turn the light off after x seconds (and on when a button or screen is pressed).


Hello @RichardB, thank you for your report. I see that this is quite an issue for Venu/Sq. I will release an update that would mitigate burn-in ASAP.

I still have this issue with the app screen remaining on with bright white bold face lettering, unless I am in my normal sleep period.
This prevents me from running the app especially at times when I do manage to turn in earlier to (try to) get some more sleep :frowning:

Could you please dim the screen or preferably turn it off after some seconds? Like I suggested before, the app screen does not need to remain on while sleeping!