Touch screen is not responding. Need help!

Last week I accidentally dropped my phone on the floor. But fortunately, only the tempered screen was damaged and the phone worked well as before. But now it has been more than one week and the touch screen is not responding as before. Sometimes I have to restart my phone several times to get back the touch ability on the screen. I have searched for this issue on the internet and I have found some instructions. But it doesn’t contain any detail on how to fix the touch ability again on my screen. After it fell on the floor,

  • I took it to a repair station and replaced the tempered glass
  • Checked the battery.
  • Removed the broken glass particles on the corners.

But now it seems that the touch screen is not responding at all. I have some important things inside this phone and I need to unlock this phone to copy those things to another device. Is there any other thing I could do to re-gain the touch ability or do I need to replace the display?