Top secret - Lucid Dreaming sensitivity

Please DEVs tell us how exactly the Lucid Dreaming sensitivity works. People asked about it many times but no one ever answered the question. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have 2 guesses of how it works

  1. The high senitivity will make the lucid cue play at the beginning of a rem stage, the medium will play in the middle of a rem stage, and the low senitivity will play near the end of rem, I believe the senitivity options is there because SaA app cannot accurately measure the actual start of rem sleep, because sometimes it predicts the start of rem a little too early or too late so it’s a bit hit and miss, and there was an article where SaA was compared to EEG in a sleep lab that showed real rem detection can be a little off.

My second guess is the higher the senitivity the more lucid cues get triggered in an rem period in case it misses your actual rem, and the less senitivity the less lucid cues will play.

If any of those are correct we just need the devs to confirm.

After testing I found out how it works, the lowest sensitivity will play 30 minutes after the start of a light sleep stage into rem, the medium will play 20 minutes after, and lastly the highest sensitivity will play after 10 minutes, so basically the high sensitivity will play at the start of rem because rem is always marked after 10 minutes of a light sleep period, the devs talked about it here but don’t mention that its the sensitivity options, so I think thats why don’t answer us.

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