Tool to help gradually move a sleep pattern/account for Daylight Savings

My title might not be very clear, but let me explain:

Due to reasons of which I won’t go into, my sleep schedule is currently around he areas of 3am-1pm. I’m not proud of this, but am looking to move it back to my desired 11pm-7am, which I used to be on.
To do this, there are two solutions. Either:

  1. I go cold turkey, and just set a 7am alarm every day
  2. I gradually move my sleep pattern to fit my target sleeping hours

I’m not very good at maths, so a built in feature to help move a sleeping pattern gradually, so not to deal with crazy fatigue for the first week, would be very helpful for me. This could also be used to gradually move a sleep pattern, ready for the change of daylight savings, so not to fall an hour ahead or behind. Not sure if anyone else would use or support this, but I could see it’s uses for other than just myself.