Too much awakes (false-positive) - Sleep as Android

When there is too much awakes falsely estimated on your graph, use Left ☰ _menu → Report a bug, and send us the application log.

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Is there a way to edit the awake times to sleep times and get rid of all false positives?

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This seems such a basic omission in an otherwise excellent app. Very annoying to wake from a much needed good sleep to find the last couple of hours are shown as awake! We can edit asleep to awake, so why not otherway round?

Hello Nick, the awakes can be deleted by using “Delete awake” from (?) button directly on the graph.
If you get a suspicious amount of awake periods, please use the Left ☰ menu > Report a bug, and send us your application logs. All awake types have own sensitivity settings, so it can be lowered if needed.