Time in bed duration

The calculated times seem to be based off of the time that SaA thinks I was asleep and subtracts out the times it thinks I am awake. These make the sleep duration times shorter than I expect them to be. Would it be possible to have a “time in bed” or something that credits me for my attempt to get enough sleep. In my mind, I will go to bed at 12:30 and wake up at 8 and have gotten 7.5 hours of sleep, over my 7 hour goal, but instead will see a deficit because it calculated 6.75 hours of sleeping time.

On a similar note, I think it over-categorizes “awake” times than I feel is correct. I toss and turn some, but I do not get up once in bed. It surprises me to see 40-90 minutes subtracted out when I think I’ve slept straight through.


I totally agree with this. In addition I think the effort of trying to sleep should be weighed against the deep sleep % in the regression analysis and not the total sleep time. It’s impossible to take action on the total sleep time, but it is possible to take action on the effort.

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@jiri-urbandroid any thoughts here?

What do you think @petr-urbandroid?

I am wondering if this is still able to be considered? It seems pretty straightforward as this information is already in there to calculate Efficiency and other stats. I just need to see a graph of total time in bed over time.

To improve my sleep and regularity I’d like to measure the “in bed time” as well.
Preferable by adding it as an additional ‘stage’ before and after the sleep.


  • Entering bedroom
  • In bed
  • relax moment (listen music while sleeping, or badly watching tv)
  • sleep
  • alarm
  • Lazy moment / read on phone / whatever
  • out of bed

Automatic track via bluetooth beacon/nearby devices and manual override by a button/slider/NFC to advance in a next stage?

Hi @sprk,
we have stats for “Falling asleep duration” - so the time between starting the tracking and the end of detected awakes.
You can also let the tracking run past the alarm (disable “terminate tracking” for the alarm").

So the tracking should start once you enter the bedroom? How should be this detected? Manual start?

Does the tracking past the alarm count as sleep time?
I like to distinguish the window after the alarm.
It should not count as sleep time, but falls in the ‘lazy’ categorie. There can be reasons due to physical or mental illness keeping one from actually getting out of bed, even when the sleep was ok.
An alarm that is set should (or could) be labeled as the ‘out of bed moment’.

While I was thinking about the out-of-bed phase, there is also the phase before.
A person should know when to start sleeping.
The efficiency towards that moment has phases that can be monitored, or not, to ones choice.

Detection doesn’t have to be done automatically at first. I think the phases should be determined first, collect people’s ways of input and add triggers for automation.
I’m thinking about an easy slider, spinner, or a wheel to scroll to a next phase.

Nearby bluetooth devices or NFC cards can help to trigger a phase.
Actually 1 NFC card can be enough as the phases are in serie:
Touch once to enter bedroom, brush teeth, rinse face etc (minutes past), touch the same NFC again to start a relaxe moment / read a book.
And again a last NFC touch to start the actual sleep analysis countdown.
While touching NFC an on-screen swipe option should appear to ignore/cancel or skip a phase.

The tracking past alarm will count either as sleep or as an awake - depending on what is detected. But if you will be using the phone, or have the lights on, the awake will be detected for sure.
But we currently do not have this past-alarm time monitored separately.