Time awake stats

From Tatyana on 2016/07/14 19:05:18 +0000

I often have to get up at night, and would like to be able to see how many times I get up and for how long. It would be great to have the summary screen include number of times awake and total duration of awake time for each night.

Copied from original feature request: http://urbandroid.uservoice.com/forums/264867-sleep-as-android/suggestions/15213744-time-awake-stats

From Tatyana Navatyva on 2016/10/17 13:42:14 +0000

I second this tatally - and I would add not only stats of time awake betweeen your sleep time, but the elapsed time between awake and to go to bed again. I have a very irregular sleeping time schedule, and it but be nice to be able to see the times between sleeps periods.
And maybe (but maybe I should open a new suggestion for this) a way to add a "I did not sleep this day", let enter manually a sleep time 0. When you have to pull an all nighter or something, that day gets empty and it does not count toward your sleep deficit seems like the app does not count that day at all wich I really don't get, if maybe you forgot to track your sleep you can enter it manually later, but why if there is no sleep in a day doesn't get into account on your sleep deficit is beyond me - I manage to do it by adding a random sleep with a 1 minute duration-- it's the only way, but is not good for stats… Yep, some people do not sleep for 24hrs, may be work, may be insomnia… may be partying. This does count, and it's reallly important specially when it happens from time to time… you may want to be able to see those stats, because is called sleep deprivation and it is a big issue! Ok I will need to opern a new suggestioni I know! :slight_smile: