Ticwatch pro3 pulse oximeter alarm

Hi, I am new to this forum but I am struggling to understand if the pulse oximeter/ spo2 alarm functions as I need it to. I have read a discussion re a known issue for TWpro hrv and spo2 working together, however my concern at the moment is enabling an spo2 to alarm if low.
I have the settings enabled as per website guide but I cannot mimic an alarm. For example: starting sleep tracking and holding my breath for just over a minute. Spo2 went down to 83 but no alarm.
Any help great appreciated

Hello Chris, I think the problem may be we first need to establish some baseline for SPO2. The window we are using is 5 minutes. Then there are different thresholds for the alarm to trigger based on your sensitivity settings. So IMHO the best way to test this is to track your SPO2 for at least 3 minutes and than simulate the SPO2 decrease, this should trigger the alarm. In case this is still not working, we have just added some additional logging into this feature in the latest BETA version. Would you be willing to install the BETA do the test once again and send us a menu > report a bug? This would be greatly appreciated…

Please first join our BETA Testers group at:
That you can opt-into the BETA at the following address:
Or simply by visiting our Play Store listing and tapping “Join BETA”

After that you should be starting receiving latest BETA updates through the Play Store.

Thank you for your quick response. I think I’ve understood your advice, I would start sleep tracking and allow 3 minutes+ before simulating a low spo2? I am using high sensitivity.

I’m a novice but very happy to give the beta a try. How would installing it affect my current subscription?

Here are the results of my sons night sleep pre beta update with spo2 and hrv enabled. It does not show an rdi, which I would like to get this enabled. I’m wondering if this requires sonar.
It records an spo2 of 88 which on face value means hypoxic but I am still learning about how to interpret the results since the example in fig 2 given in link below shows 81.

I have installed beta update and will post tonight’s results.