Ticwatch Pro 2020 no sensor data

I have installed the sleep app and I am using a ticwatch pro 2020.
When I open the wear os app on my phone it shows connected so the bt connection is ok.
In the Fit Google app there is also sleep data, so the sleep tracking on the watch works.

Do I need another app on my ticwatch that Sleep can get data?
Settings -> sensor tests does not connect to the watch and only tests the phone sensors…

Any Ideas what could be wrong? Am I missing a part?

Hello, yes you need a Sleep app on the watch or you want sleep as Android to do sleep tracking on your Wear OS… otherwise you can just configure Google Fit and download 3rd party data from Fit if you have sleep data there…

Now there is a transition and it depends which staged rolled version you are on…

  1. On older versions you can install the app on your watch from the Apps on phone section of Play Store
  2. On new versions you can search for Sleep as Android in the Play Store on the watch
  3. if all fails you can side load the app from here https://sleep.urbandroid.org/wp-content/uploads/release/sleep-wear-4.0.apk
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Ty, I was missing the wear apk. I installed it via adb =)
Now the sonsor test is working. TY!