TicWatch 5 + Alert StressLocator Oximeter

“Hello, I have just purchased the Happy Electronics, s.r.o. Alert StressLocator Oximeter and the sleep mask for Sleep as Android. I am exclusively interested in monitoring my sleep with the highest possible accuracy. Why should I also buy a smartwatch like the TicWatch 5? Would it make sense? I am also undecided about using sonar versus the phone’s accelerometer. Would it make sense to use the oximeter on the left wrist and the TicWatch 5 on the right wrist with its accelerometer? Is the Alert Stress Locator sufficient? Thank you very much, and sorry for the many questions.”

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So the Stresslocator also captures movement? If not, then a watch would be a great addition. I’m waiting for my order to arrive, very interested in your experience with this device.

Does it also give a low O2 (or only low HR?) alert like the phone or by watch does?
And if so…is it possible to set the % of the O2 alert yourself? Let’s say only alert under 92% for instance?

I was wearing my watch but now that I’m going to use the stresslocator for HR and O2 … I’m wondering the same… Do I do still need to wear my watch?

I just asked one of the devs on here, if I get an answer I’ll let you know what it was.

Hello Scarlet, sorry for the delay in responding. I noticed that in the meantime, you have purchased the stress locator. I, on the other hand, own both the Tickwatch and the stress locator. To this day, it is still unclear to me whether I can forgo the “stress locator” and use only the Ticwhat. What experiences have you had in the meantime?