TicWatch 5 + Alert StressLocator Oximeter

“Hello, I have just purchased the Happy Electronics, s.r.o. Alert StressLocator Oximeter and the sleep mask for Sleep as Android. I am exclusively interested in monitoring my sleep with the highest possible accuracy. Why should I also buy a smartwatch like the TicWatch 5? Would it make sense? I am also undecided about using sonar versus the phone’s accelerometer. Would it make sense to use the oximeter on the left wrist and the TicWatch 5 on the right wrist with its accelerometer? Is the Alert Stress Locator sufficient? Thank you very much, and sorry for the many questions.”

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So the Stresslocator also captures movement? If not, then a watch would be a great addition. I’m waiting for my order to arrive, very interested in your experience with this device.

Does it also give a low O2 (or only low HR?) alert like the phone or by watch does?
And if so…is it possible to set the % of the O2 alert yourself? Let’s say only alert under 92% for instance?

I was wearing my watch but now that I’m going to use the stresslocator for HR and O2 … I’m wondering the same… Do I do still need to wear my watch?

I just asked one of the devs on here, if I get an answer I’ll let you know what it was.