Ticwatch 3 Pro Ultra Problems

I bought the Ticwatch 3 Pro Ultra instead of the Galaxy Watch 4 because I want SPO2.

I’ve activated 24hr monitoring of that and my pulse but only pulse is showing in Sleep, and often stops randomly.

Anyone else with the same things found a solution?

Hello @Chas_Newport, I’m on TW 3 Pro and SPO2 is working well and no interruptions… What is your phone? If you see interrupted I would more think about https://dontkillmyapp.com/ issues… Ideally if you use menu > report a bug and send us a debug log…

I’m in a SONY Xperia 1 II

Sleep is protected from energy saving.

I’m in the Beta and have already reported this with logs but realise you are busy. Thought the community might help.

I’m puzzled now the watch is known to work.

Wondering about resetting the watch?

I reset the watch and it’s working now.

Best guess I missed a permissions pop-up.

Google Photos

Many thanks, yes this is possible, you need to grant the permission on the watch