Theme gets reset after reboot on One Plus 7 Pro

Detailed description of the problem:
I prefer my theme to be Night Owl (dark mode) so whenever i bring up the app in a dark room to turn it on it doesn’t light up the whole room or wake my spouse up. However ever since I got the One Plus 7 Pro a couple months ago, every time after a reboot the first time i launch the app it is still in the original “Morning Lark” (light mode) theme, although if I go to Miscellaneous -> Theme : Night Owl is still the one selected. To resolve I can either :

  • Change theme to Morning Lark (or anything else) then change back to Night Owl (Automatic Bedtime works too)
  • Or goto my app switcher, swipe up on the app to kill it (and since I’m using a One Plus device w/ WearOS HR tracker I have to unlock the app from memory first), and then relaunch the app. So killing it/launching it a 2nd time after a reboot and it restores the correct theme.

It doesn’t matter if it’s locked/unlocked before the reboot/issue. It doesn’t matter if I’ve killed the app in memory (so it’s not in my app switcher) before the reboot. Every time though it’s reset back to stock the first time I open it up. I’ve used SAA for many years and I’m fairly positive this issues started as soon as I got my 1P phone, so it’s probably limited to it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a 1P7P
  2. Install SAA
  3. Change theme to Night Owl or Automatic Bedtime (and try it in the evening)
  4. Reboot phone
  5. Reopen SAA and see theme is now Morning Lark.

Version of Sleep as Android:
Latest Beta 20190830, but all versions for the past couple months.
Android 9, Oxygen OS 9.5.11.GM21AA