The phone broke after alarm

Detailed description of the problem:
The phone was making the alarm sound forever, it even continued the vibration once it ran out of battery and then I could not power it up anymore. I can not even get it to the menu to make a hard reset, all it does is vibrate every 3 seconds…
Steps to reproduce:
I used an android phone samsung A12. Snooze was off onf all alarms, captchas were on and multiple alarms were enabled (every 15 minutes, I woke up later though so I could not see when it started breaking). I also enabled the thing which stops you from bypassing captchas. Before it ran out of power, the screen was black and at the top it showed gray. (the gray color of the normal menu when the alarm rings). Also had a backup alarm set to duration forever.
Version of Sleep as Android:
Newest version

So on samsung phones I am skeptical on enabling the captcha protection from now on… Of course it is possible that my phone randomly broke at that exact time but very unlikely.