The band could signal with vibration the succesfully connection and that the Sleep as Android is receiving data from band

From Silviu Vrajitoriu on 2017/12/17 04:15:11 +0000


Me and my wife are using two wearables: a Mi Band 1A and a Mi Band 2.
It would be so useful for us for those Mi bands to vibrate immediately when connection between phone (or maybe Sleep as Android app) and them (Mi band) was made successfully. Now I have to spend some seconds or sometimes even more, when I go to sleep and activate sleep tracking, to check and to make sure for my phone not to use sonar or phone accelerometer instead of the one of the Mi Band. That is happening when Mi band could not be connected successfully and Sleep as Android use the next method that is set for ťracking the sleep.
You could also use the phone vibration if the vibration of band could not be implemented or the first one it’s easier to implement. But we prefer the vibration of the band instead of the phone’s if it’s possible and you want, because the vibrations of the band is more noticeable.
The vibration cloud signal (indicate) the moment when phone receive first data from wearable’s accelerometer.

Thank you!
Silviu Vrajitoriu

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