Thanks to the Bedtime notifications, i slept very poorly

It seems that if I don’t dismiss the bedtime notification and forget to silence my phone, the bedtime notifications keep going. Even when I’ve set an alarm and started tracking sleep, the app doesn’t realize that means I’m sleeping and it keeps sending bedtime notifications every 15 or so minutes.

I had no trouble sleeping at first since I was dead tired. But when I woke up after 4 hours of sleep and tried sleeping again, my phone kept vibrating every once in a while, about just when I was about to fall asleep.

I was too tired to investigate what was going on with my phone but not tired enough to fall asleep instantly and this went on for hours, with my phone waking me up every 15 minutes.

If i didn’t have a train to catch in the morning, i would have just turned my phone off but this was the only thing with an alarm since the hotel i was staying at didn’t have an alarm.

Because of this incident, i disabled the Bedtime notifications, but I’m very appalled and disturbed with the lack of common sense that went into designing the Bedtime Notifications : if someone has set an alarm and/or started tracking sleep, it would not only be unnecessary to continue issuing bedtime notifications ad infinitum but it would disturb me from sleeping in the first place!

1st, send them a bug report. Left hand menu–>report a bug. Always do this immediately after the problem.

Next, there’s no information for the rest of us. Which phone? What operating system? A wearable? Which one?

So, what phone or wearable do you use to track? Because in years of using Sleep As Android with the notifications, this has never happened. Not even once. As soon as I start tracking, no more notifications.

I have used a Galaxy Note 2, Note 4, Galaxy S5 Active, and currently the Galaxy Note 8. I started with phone-in-bed tracking using my Note 2, but I switched to Pebble Time watches since 2015. I am now on the Rebble operating system on my watch. Android 8.0.0 on my phone. Latest beta of Sleep As Android.

(Wearables are far more accurate for tracking on any mattress, and much safer. In fact, putting a lithium ion battery in a bed is not a good idea.)

That said, if you are only using your phone - and it seems so, there should be no problems at all unless it’s a weird hardware issue. I have never heard of this happening before.

Good luck.


L6 G6 Android 8.0.0

I also copied and pasted the exact message into the bug report.

Happy now?

I am only a user of the app. I advised to send the developers a bug report.

It won’t help to say you are “appalled” about something that is extremely peculiar app behavior. Once you start tracking, the bedtime notifications stop. Or that’s what always happened to me, including last night. I am in the beta testing program and never heard of this happening before to anyone.

I am neither happy nor unhappy. I have never heard of this happening is all. And I am trying to help you.

I am neither happy nor unhappy. I have never heard of this happening is all. And I am trying to help you.

Have to say i love that attitude! Although it helps to mention that what ive experienced is peculiar, it probably doesn’t bring me even one step closer to a solution.

They will answer your bug report.

The beta testing group will very soon have to leave Google+ because that is shutting down. So the developers will be on this forum more frequently.

And they will definitely answer your bug report.


Hey everyone,
I believe we’ve already solved this issue in a private conversation.
In this case sleep tracking was not running, so did not stop bedtime notifications from repeatedly sounding (as they were set on repeat).
This is probably something we could handle better to not allow cases of disturbing the night.
Taking the alarm into account perhaps?

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I like the nagging if I don’t start tracking. Otherwise, I would never put down my phone! LOL But perhaps people could choose how long they want it to continue if they’re not tracking.