Text to Speech while ringing


there actually is a option to turn on TTS with the actual time, while the alarm is ringing. The alarm rings and TTS says “It is 11 o’clock.” after one minute. Is it possible to add the ability to customize this, so you can edit the phrase and add a little bit more like the actual weather or something else?
I remember that Alarmdroid had it years ago, before I went to Sleep as Android.
That would be pretty nice.
Thank’s in advance!

Reviving and updating the thread with some new ideas from Tony.

I would like to have the alarm start reading out loud the alarm name at a user defined time - immediately, 15 sec, 30 s, 1m - so that I able to hear what the alarm is for and thus wake up with that intention in mind.

I would like to have the alarm start reading out loud the alarm name in configurable intervals - every X seconds or minutes - so that if am still not very awake, the app can repeat the alarm name/intention and I get to chance to hear it several times.

I would like to have the alarm name sound at a default volume % (i.e. 70%) regardless of whether the alarm is slowly fading in with volume so that I am guaranteed to hear it if it was set to only be said out loud once or twice.

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Sorry for missing this topic. This is already possible… Just put your text as the alarm label… for instance label: “Don’t forget the meeting” … TTS in the morning will read out loud the following “It is 7 o’clock, don’t forget the meeting”… hope that helps…