Terminate tracking as a default alarm selection

It appears that if you want a specific alarm to not terminate the sleep tracking feature, you have to manually set it not to, on every alarm. I, personally, turn off the alarm which is always set way earlier than it needs to, I fall asleep again for 25-30 minutes no matter what and then wake up. That means I have no track of those last good 30 minutes of sleep (aka 5 more minutes mum) . It could be great if that setting could be set from the alarm default settings.
Like : Terminate tracking after ringing (off /on)

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Add option for “terminate tracking” to the alarm default options.

(I’d like to create alarms with terminate tracking off by default)

Thanks for considering,

support conversation with Peter


Request for setting to DISABLE “Terminate Tracking” by default.

I 'd like to request this feature as well. I have sleep apnea, insomnia, hypersomnia, delayed-phase sleep syndrome etc. I have to set multiple alarms to make sure I get up. I can even sleep through alarms. :sleeping::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes:My wife works 3rd shift, so I often need to wake MYSELF up, but not wake HER up!

As such, if i create a bunch of alarms and the 1st one has “Terminate Tracking” selected, then I may sleep several hours later. Alas, my tracking was shut off and I lost x hrs of data. God forbid if the setting gets propagated to ALL the alarms or ONE among the many! Then I need to go through one by one tediously searching for the phantom culprit.

FWIW, this one might be sparsely requested, but it means a lot to those of us with quirky sleep issues! :grin::sleeping::grin:

Finally, THANK YOU for such a great piece of software! It really has been super helpful to someone who sleeps inordinate amounts of time! I am really appreciative of your efforts!

Thank you for considering my request!

~ Jon G

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I also REALLY would like this added!

This feature would be essential for Tasker, which uses the alarm defaults when creating a new alarms (and hence means “terminate tracking” is always enabled).

Often I might go back to sleep for a short while after dismissing an alarm, which then is not tracked because “terminate tracking” is enabled.

I also really need this feature, I use the sleep noise recording to record my dreams, and I use tasker to start sleep duration goal tracking, and because alarms set by sleep duration goal with tasker terminates tracking after dismiss by default, I would have to turn on my phone to start recording again and risk forgetting my dreams because of the light exposure from the phone.