Terminate by default

Terminate by default


I always enter my alarms before I get into bed. And never is it the same. The possibility to have every alarm terminate by default would be astounding, considering it saves me deleting every alarm month after month. The fact that I can enable every alarm to do this is - ok - but having it enabled by default would be amazing. As setting my alarm consciously helps me getting up as an adhd-er. Just in case I don’t make it, I tend to set an alarm for myself in advance. But this helps me a ton with the clutter. This genuinely is my only problem with this app since i started studying in Delft

As a persistent user since 2017, thank you.

Hello Floris,

many thanks for your feedback. Do you mean the option to “delete alarm after ringing”?

There are shortcut options which may be helpful. For instance if you have the ideal sleep time set properly, you can use the shortcut to sleep e.g. 8h - this will add an disposable alarm in 8 hours (will get deleted after ringing) and start sleep tracking at the same time… Another option is to use naps… they are also “delete after ringing by default”… did that help?

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