Tasker docs are out of date and incomplete

Probably Tasker has changed since the integration docs were written, because they are misleading regarding how to trigger an action based on a Sleep as Android event. Firstly, they say:

You can use any of these events from Sleep as Android and link them to any actions on your phone:

but it doesn’t explain how to use any of those events. The only hint is in the “MiBand : Get notification when alarm starts” example, which says:

  1. Create a tasker profile → Event → Sleep → Configuration → Alarm Started.

but this is wrong (or at least out of date). The correct sequence is:

Create a tasker profile → Event → Plugin → Sleep → Configuration → Alarm Started.

I found the missing Plugin step hard to find, so please can you fix the docs so that others don’t struggle like I did? Both by adding the missing step, and by explaining it in the Events section near the top.

Big thanks for turning my attention to this. I’ve added the relevant pieces to the docs…