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Sleep tracking started …​ Sleep tracking stopped …​ Sleep tracking paused …​ Sleep tracking resumed …​ Snooze (alarm) the user has snoozed a ringing alarm Bedtime the bedtime has just occured Alarm started …​ Dismiss (alarm) the user has dismissed a ringing alarm AND solved the CAPTCHA if present. This event will also be fired when alarm has been dismissed while snoozed Snooze canceled alarm has been dismissed while snoozed ~REM the REM phase has been detected. More on REM phase detection here. Audio recognition Sleep as Android has detected one of the supported sounds: snoring, talk, coughing, laughter, baby crying. The maximum frequency of the event is once per 30s. Audio recognition has to be active for this event to work. Anti-Snoring Sleep as Android has detected snoring and executed an anti-snoring action (vibration or tongue click or both). Anti-snoring has to be active for this event to work. Smart period fires 45 minutes before smart period starts (to gather data for the smart period)

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Instructions for Automate are missing, link is broken.

Tasker can read heart rate data and publish it as required. Would it be possible for SAA to accept a heart rate action trigger to incorporate into the sleep tracking timeline, without blocking sonar, sleep phaser or accelerometer readings?

I would like to trigger a Tasker action on some alarms but not on others, or better yet, trigger different actions for different alarms. Would it be possible to e.g. send the alarm name along with the trigger and check it in Tasker or at least have a checkbox in the individual alarm settings to enable or disable Tasker triggering?

On the automation page: https://docs.sleep.urbandroid.org/services/automation.html
It says that the event “alarm_snooze_canceled” passes on two variables, one of which is the “label” of the alarm. This should let you read that label in tasker. However I can’t get Tasker to see that parameter. It’s located in the Tasker docs here: https://tasker.joaoapps.com/userguide_summary.html#eventcontext.html

Has anyone gotten Tasker to see the event parameters (passed as %evtprm) in Tasker?


The links to Tasker and Automate walkthroughs on this page are broken, presumably because walkthroughs were split into separate pages. Seen here:

Here’s what they should be:
Take a look at Tasker walkthroughs
Take a look at Automate walkthroughs

The actions section is missing many actions. Here is the full list from my phone:

For example, “Before Smart Period” is missing in the documentation. So is “Before Alarm Notification.”


The outgoing events are never triggering for me. Tried snooze and dismiss in MacroDroid and snooze in Tasker. Listening to intents works much better. Is there anything I can do differently or is it just broken?


no. totally broken