Take away anti-functions

When will you finally redesign the interface and get rid of the built-in anti-functions? for example, a talking clock that says EVERY MINUTE, a long phrase from which only time is useful?I would prefer that this happens not so often, but once every 15 minutes. or so that it can be customized. the phrase itself is just awful. it also needs to be reworked. I would like to be able to change these settings. because the default is terrible. at least how it sounds in Russian

Hello @jt3k we are here to help.

Mayeb this really is a translation problem…

Our translation spreadsheet for everyone to contribute is here:

And the text used is “time_to_bed_message”

in English this goes like:
“Wake up time X:XX” and appended with your alarm label. So if you name your alarm “You are taking kids to school today” and set it for 7:00, it will tell you “Wake up time, 7:00, You are taking kids to school today”… Do you have any suggestions how to improve this?

Do you see more “anti-functions” we could look into?

After your suggestion I have changed the start of the text to the “wake_up” string which will create a text like: “Wake up, it’s 7:00, you are taking kids to school today”…