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It is also possible to track frequency of your events. For example #caffeeine_3x – meaning 3 coffees, #alcohol_2x – 2 shots, #sport_3x – 3 hours of sport. This allows to describe your lifestyle events more precisely. Support for automated analysis of the frequency information is not yet included in the app, but it is planned in coming versions. You can add frequencies easily but pressing the tag button multiple times. To delete a tag on the other hand — long press the tag icon.

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What is the cloud with arrow tag?

Hello, usually this means the record was imported from some cloud service typically a health service such as Google Fit or Samsung Health…

Is it possible to increase the maximum number of times a tag can appear in one night to more than 3? For example, when I’m in Europe I often drink more than 3x cups portions of coffee; often I wake up more than 3x per night, occasionally I have more than 3x alcohol.

Hello Brett, sure… tapping on the tag multiple taimes to increase to 3x is just a convenience, you can type in any number in your tag…

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How can you remove custom tags that have been added in error, so they aren’t displayed every day alongside the default tags?


Is it possible to add to the automatically added tags? Or at least set a tag for every event automatically?

Example: #cpap is a tag that might apply to every sleep event, manually tagging this every day might be tedious


I’d like that very much. I used to use a great manual diary called Sleepmeter and it had any number of custom sleeping conditions pre-selected by me, if I so chose. “Aids and hindrances,” he called it. I had a lot that were pre-selected so I didn’t have to do it in the morning. It also had a dream diary. I can see SaA drawing closer and closer to his statistics-heavy app. The pre-selections were very helpful. Especially because it’s easy to forget what happened the night before sometimes.

I know you asked this a while ago, but if you’re still interested, I include my regular Tags in my Alarm’s Title & they automatically show up in Sleep Record’s Comments. Hope that helps.

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That’s a cool hack! In the title! I will fiddle around with that tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!


There is no “rename tag”

Hello Yousuf, this new feature has been added to the Beta testing version first. If you wish to use it before it gets into standard release, please contact support@urbandroid.org. Thank you.

Could you please explain what’s the stress icon tag meaning and how does the application detect it?
Thanks in advance.

How can I delete the custom tags?