Sync alarms like Timely does

From Julesss2 on 2017/03/05 18:15:54 +0000

It would be nice to be able to automatically sync alarms with multiple devices without additional registration (like sleepcloud) as Timely does.

Turning off the alarm on one device would shut the other devices too.

This is useful when you don’t always sleep at the same place but there is an android device you own at all places, and the roaming device is shut off to preserve battery.

Copied from original feature request:

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Very strong Yes Please!!!

In the past, I used the Timely app for my alarms and that synced beautifully across multiple devices, could choose which ones would ring, and snoozing one would of course affect all. I switched my alarms to the Sleep app because of the integrated sleep monitoring and buffer times which has been great.

I was really counting on being able to use my e-ink android tablet in the mornings and evenings to manage my alarms (much healthier for eyes and attention), however, I definitely need my main phone to do sleep monitoring and sensing, so syncing is important for me.

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