Support Vera Home Automation System

From Leo on 2016/01/04 07:50:05 +0000

Would be awesome if you could integrate with Vera. You could create a simple plugin where sleep as android is listed as a device. Thus, whenever you set your alarm that device triggers and the possibilities are endless for integrating with home automation. Vera is the leading platform for home automation using zwave and has a large community around it. It has native support for almost every system out there, including hue bulbs, milight, sonos, etc. If you integrate with them, it could then tie with every other system without having to do anything else!


Company Homepage

Plugin Creation Intro

Plugin Intro from the Vera Wiki

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From Janis Froehlig on 2016/01/26 08:30:37 +0000

You can do this with Tasker and AutoVera.