Support for Samsung Galaxy fit and Galaxy fit-e

Are there any plans to add support for Samsung’s new fitness trackers, Galaxy fit and Galaxy fit-e? I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance! :smile:

Also interested in if integration with the new galaxy fitness bands will be supported. They do not use tizen like other galaxy watches but FreeRTOS instead.

One more vote for Galaxy Fit integration

Another vote for Galaxy Fit integration. Just bought the wearable and would love if Sleep as Android supported it!

+1 for galaxy

+1 for support for the new Samsung Galaxy Fit. It would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello and sorry for the late response! Although we would love to support the new Fit and Fit e, it seems that there is no way to connect third party apps.
As mentioned by @Dave-A, they run a different operating system than previous Samsung wearables, and it is not possible to build apps or integrations for the Fit/Fit e as it stands now. I also doubt that Samsung will release any SDK for those wearables.

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