Support for pre-existing sleep conditions?

Hi! I have Non-24 Sleep Wake Disorder. I started using the app more or less just to log my sleep times; I don’t use the tracking features or alarms because they wouldn’t work with my disorder. I was just wondering if there’s ever going to be options for people with sleep disorders - ie settings where you can track your sleep/wake up times, different suggestions based on your disorder. It’d be useful for people with delayed phase sleep disorders too.

When the app tells me to ‘get some sun’ and keep my bedroom dark, it’s kind of a pain because those things aren’t applicable to me. I simply use the app for time tracking and, I hope eventually, the ability to better predict where my sleep cycle will be in the future.

If this isn’t planned, does anyone have app suggestions that might be more suitable for my disorder?

Aw man, you’ve got that too? Sucks, doesn’t it? :sweat_smile: But yeah, when it comes to visualizing our severely irregular sleep patterns, this app doesn’t do the best job at that, unfortunately.

One app I use (and which the devs here should check out for ideas) is Sleepiary. I used the free version for over a year before recently purchasing the full version.

It’s great because you can just easily see the bars showing when you pressed the “Go to sleep” and “Wake up!” buttons, plus you can add a handful of factors that may have influenced your sleep noted with colored dots.

It could have used a more readable chart (thicker lines between horizontal sections (it’s easier to see in the paid version though if you change the background to black, in my opinion), the ability to choose AM/PM notations instead of doing mental math for like 16 o’clock (as an American I’m not used to that), etc. But the main principle is there. Super simple, very small footprint, and makes it easy to find patterns in all that chaos.

It’s a bit tough to learn how to edit mistakes, like forgetting to click “I’m going to sleep” the previous night, and clicking “Wake up!” only to find a huge overflow, lol! And after I got the paid version Sleepiary Advance, I managed to sync my old data in, but then upon deleting the original app my data went away with it. :sweat_smile:

But luckily I periodically take screenshots to document my patterns (or lack thereof). And I figured out how to edit entries, add “Go to sleep” events, and edit the time if I ended up laying around forgetting to click “Wake up!” right away. I’m willing to teach you if you want to try it out. You can also tell it how long of a period to show you on the chart (I find long periods beneficial, personally). And I only learned a good deal later that I can pich-zoom in and out on the readout page.

It was just made by a Japanese dude who saw the need for such an app, figured out how to do it, and called it a day. :joy: But it really has helped me immensely with trying out different methods, and seeing how well they worked, to help me occasionally get something close to a pattern sometimes. :relaxed:

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A sample with the black background in the paid version. But yeah, they’re should still be a harder line to separate the days, vs our markers for events so it’s more clear what date they happened on. Or just have the notations on the same line as the sleep bar, drawn on top of it.

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One more thing of note: Other than that odd segment of sleep when it says I got 1 hour of sleep in my first reply, it’s actually usually quite intelligent on what day to place your sleep chunks. Normally it would have counted that toward the previous night, but I had specified that I was awake for a while right around midnight, and I didn’t end up sleeping any further that day. On 4/18-19, here’s how it normally handles a sleep-before-midnight, wake-after-midnight uninterrupted span, which actually tends to work quite well for us chaotic sleepers:

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